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Brainspace: Are The "Haves" Really Happy?

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Debbie : What's wrong is that you don't realize that
         it's not you that's, um, destitute, right.
         It's the so-called "haves" of this world
         who are destitute.
Tim    : I know.
Debbie : Spiritually destitute. Right. While someone
         such as you who has a really secure position
         in the unemployment industry, right, um, should
         view your dole cheque, right, not as a source of
         social insecurity, but as a ticket to spiritual
Tim    : I do, I do, I do.
Debbie : Like, I really feel, um, I really feel sorry
         for the so-called haves, with their jacuzis, and
         their inground swimming pools, and their Doncaster
         mansions, um, their Mercs and their Porsches, their
         Christian Diors and their Christian Barnards. Like,
         are they really happy.
         Like, I ask you, are they really happy?
Tim    : Well they look pretty happy to me Debbie.
         Like, the other day, right, like I saw this amazing
         guy in a Mercedes-Benz type situation, right. And he
         had this amazing glamorous blond model-type person
         in the Mercedes-Benz situation, and they were towing
         a yacht, and they both looked really happy.
Reference: Australia - You're Standing In It (Australian TV show, 1983). [--------------------------------------------------------------------]
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