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Brainspace: References


This page contains all the appearances of Tim and Debbie of which I am aware.


The Comedy Cafe In Melbourne

The characters of Tim and Debbie were apparently created in the early eighties as part of a theatre restaurant show at the Comedy Cafe in Melbourne. For more information, see the Look And Listen Article.


Australia - You're Standing In It

Tim and Debbie then appeared as characters on the Australian TV comedy show Australia - You're Standing In It  which was broadcast by the ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) throughout Australia in 1983 and 1984. For more information, see the Look And Listen Article.


Tim and Debbie's Reel to Real

After appearing in Australia - You're Standing In It , Tim and Debbie hosted a TV show called (I think) Tim and Debbie's Reel to Real  in which they showed bad old movies and constantly interrupted them to point out the continuity errors, and to comment on the content in their inimitable way. Apparently the movies all had the common theme of having the same musical director ("Bakalinikov"?). This programme was screened on the ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) (probably) in 1985.


Brainspace Volume I

I presume that this record album exists, but I don't have a copy.


Brainspace Volume II

This album consists entirely of Tim and Debbie sketches.

Title           : Tim and Debbie: Brainspace Vol II.
Publisher       : Idiots in Business Pty Ltd, Australia.
Copyright       : (C) 1983 Idiots in Business Pty Ltd, Australia.
                  (P) 1983 Idiots in Business Pty Ltd, Australia.
Year            : 1983.
Record   number : L38169.
Cassette number : C38169.

Side 1
1. Hi.
2. Bali.
3. Speciesism.
4. Sexual harassment.
5. Education.
6. Barry.
7. Humpty Dumpty.
8. Tartar interview.
9. Jim Cairnes.

Side 2
1. Back to the womb (bo dribbler).
2. Genetic engineering.
3. Bush.
4. Unemployment.
5. Tax.
6. All the people (rooM klearerS).

Brainspace Volume III

This album consists of a variety of sketches from the TV show Australia: You're Standing In It, including some Tim and Debbie sketches.

Title           : Australia - You're Standing In It (Brainspace Vol III).
Copyright       : (P) The Australian Broadcasting Corporation.
Publisher       : ABC Records.
Year            : 1986.
Record   number : L38477.
Cassette number : C38477.

Side 1
1.  Buy this dodgy record.
2.  The politics of dinosaurs: Tim and Debbie.
3.  Wayne and Arthur.
4.  The dismissal.
5.  Chunky custard.
6.  Smart artist's gallery.
7.  Club Muraroa.
8.  ANZUS: Bruce Rump.
9.  1984 (circa 1953).
10. Reflections: Duress, Duress.
11. The Heidelberg School I.
12. The Heidelberg School II.
13. Teachers: Bruce Rump.
14. Wayne and Arthur.
15. The politics of time: Tim and Debbie.
16. Chunky custard.
17. Jack and Jack.
18. PTO.

Side 2
1.  Chunky custard.
2.  The politics of transport: Tim and Debbie.
3.  Untitled I.
4.  Song of the Mormons.
5.  Wayne and Arthur.
6.  A brown like Brian.
7.  Untitled II.
8.  Chunky custard.
9.  The politics of Christmas: Tim and Debbie.
10. Wayne and Arthur.
11. Arti-facts.
12. Landrights: Bruce Rump.
13. Chunky custard.
14. Variety Tasmanian Style/I'm glad I'm not in El Salvador Tonight.
15. Untitled III.
16. Chunky custard.
17. The end.
18. 1999.


13-Oct-1996: Appearance on Triple-J Radio

Tim and Debbie made an appearance on the Australian Triple J Creatures Of The Spotlight radio programme on 13 October 1996 from 9:31pm-9:52pm (Australian Central Standard Time). This was apparently their first appearance for about a decade. [--------------------------------------------------------------------]
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