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Brainspace: Museum

Audio Button AIFF 11.1kHz 8-bit mono 3:1 compressed sound (84K, 22 seconds).

Context: Tim and Debbie are in a museum with dinosaur skeletons.

Debbie : Um, over here on my left,...
Tim    : Excellent.
Debbie : ... um, laid out we have the actual bones of
         the ninety million year old momentasaurus
Tim    : Amazing.
Debbie : which, um when the knee bone is connected to
         the thigh bone etc etc is just...
Tim    : It's just a colossal fossil, right.
         I mean (unintelligible)...
Debbie : I know.
Tim    : know, like, I've got this, just like,
         an instinct for the extinct, right...
Reference: Brainspace Volume III, Side 1, Track "The Politics Of Dinosaurs". [--------------------------------------------------------------------]
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