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Brainspace: Christmas in Poland

Audio Button AIFF 11.1kHz 8-bit mono 3:1 compressed sound (117K, 31 seconds).
Debbie : Um, I don't know if you know,...
Tim    : I know.
Debbie :, but good king Wenceslas,..
Tim    : He was a fascist.
Debbie : ...who was this Polish Imperialist type king...
Tim    : Right.
Debbie :, who not only looked out, but also looked
         down, on the people, right, on the feast of Stephen,
         which, I don't know if you know,...
Tim    : Right.
Debbie : ...but Stephen was this amazing guy in the bible who
         was really stoned.
Tim    : Right, I'd like to meet him, you know, but, um, like,
         these days, when it's Christmas in Poland, there's
         a distinct air of Wenceslaslessness.
Reference: Brainspace Volume III, Side 2, Track "The Politics Of Christmas". [--------------------------------------------------------------------]
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