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Brainspace: The Prophet

Audio Button AIFF 11.1kHz 8-bit mono 3:1 compressed sound (174K, 47 seconds).
Tim    : Right, the other day, I saw this amazing guy
         in the city square, right, um...
Debbie : I know that guy; I know which guy you mean.
Tim    : And this ama... This amazing guy had this
         placard, right...
Debbie : I know, I know him, I know that guy.
Tim    : ...and the placard read, um, Debbie,
         (would you like to)...
Debbie : Pancake Parlour.
Tim    : Um, this was a different amazing guy
         Debbie. (unintelligible)
Debbie : Oh, wow.
Tim    : Right, um, this guy had a placard, (different
         amazing guy) had a placard that read "The End is
         Nigh", right, and I believe he was a true prophet,
         because the next day, he wasn't there.
Debbie : Wow, that's incredible.
Reference: Brainspace Volume III, Side 2, Track "The Politics Of Christmas".

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