CRC: Links To This Web

If you like this CRC web, you can add a link to it to one of your pages. Here are two simple ways to do this.

Text Only

To add a straightforward link such as The CRC Pitstop simply cut and paste the following HTML code:

     <A HREF="">The CRC Pitstop</A>

Text And Photo

To add a more sophisticated link that includes an icon:

The CRC Pitstop.

simply cut and paste the following HTML code:

     <A HREF="">
     <IMG SRC=""
             ALIGN="absmiddle" BORDER="1"
             HSPACE="5"     VSPACE="5">
     The CRC Pitstop</A>.

URL Stability

As these pages may be revised from time to time, it is not guaranteed that any particular page will have the same name from week to week, or even that it will persist. So if you want to link to these pages, it would be best to link to as this is likely to be this web's most persistent URL.
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