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FunnelWeb Developer Manual

1.1 Resources Required

This chapter describes how to obtain and compile FunnelWeb from scratch and set up for further development. In order to compile FunnelWeb, you will need:

  • FTP access to the internet OR  a FunnelWeb source distribution kit on disk.
  • A computer running one of the FunnelWeb-supported operating systems OR  lots of extra time to port FunnelWeb to a new platform.
  • About five megabytes of free disk space.
  • A C compiler.
  • An acquaintance with the C programming language and the ability to compile and link C programs on your machine.
  • Elementary systems programming knowledege for your machine.
  • About an hour.

You will not  need any sort of system privileges to install FunnelWeb, unless you want the FunnelWeb command fw to be automatically available to everyone on your machine as well as yourself.

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