1 Compile
2 Design
3 Implement
4 Modify
5 Misc
6 Licence

FunnelWeb Developer Manual

Version 3.2d (9 Jan 2000) for FunnelWeb V3.2

THIS DEVELOPER MANUAL is for hackers! Anyone who wants to bash, diddle, frob, grind, mangle, patch, poke, toggle, twiddle, zap, or generally hack FunnelWeb should at least take a look at this manual, as it explains how to compile FunnelWeb, and contains all kinds of other useful information about the FunnelWeb source code.

1 How To Compile FunnelWeb

1.1 Resources Required
1.2 FTP The Source Files
1.3 Establish The Source Tree
1.4 Compiling FunnelWeb
1.5 Testing FunnelWeb

2 FunnelWeb Design Notes

2.1 Introduction
2.2 Motivation For FunnelWeb
2.3 Indentation
2.4 A Review Of FunnelWeb Syntax
2.5 Document Structuring
2.7 Automated Regression Testing
2.8 File Name Management
2.9 Constraints On The Number of Instantiations
2.10 Document Structure Vs Macro Structure
2.11 Diagnostic Messages

3 FunnelWeb Implementation Notes

3.1 History of FunnelWeb Implementations
3.2 Why FunnelWeb Wasn't Used to Write Itself
3.3 Coding Style
3.4 Use of Memory
3.5 Implementing Text Indentation

4 Modifying FunnelWeb

4.1 The Danger of Modifying Languages
4.2 Authority vs User Security
4.3 What I Want to Protect
4.4 Modifying the Manuals
4.5 Contributions To The Official FunnelWeb

5 Miscellaneous

5.1 FunnelWeb Versions
5.2 Wish List
5.3 Suggestions From Users
5.4 Known Bugs

6 GNU General Public License Version 2

Webmaster    Copyright © Ross N. Williams 1992,1999. All rights reserved.