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FunnelWeb Developer Manual

2.11 Diagnostic Messages

In FunnelWeb, all error messages commence with an indicator indicating the severity of the error message. Here are some of the formats that were considered:

W--Error creating sloth.
E--Error opening output file.
S--I'm a teapot.
F--Can't open output file.

W-Error creating sloth.
E-Error opening output file.
S-I'm a teapot.
F-Can't open output file.

W:Error creating sloth.
E:Error opening output file.
S:I'm a teapot.
F:Can't open output file.

W: Error creating sloth.       -- Format chosen.
E: Error opening output file.
S: I'm a teapot.
F: Can't open output file.

War-Error creating sloth.
Err-Error opening output file.
Sev-I'm a teapot.
Fat-Can't open output file.

W-Old fashioned feature.

W-Old fashioned feature.

W--Old fashioned feature.

W: Old fashioned feature.

W:Old fashioned feature.

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