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FunnelWeb Reference Manual

9.5 Define

The define command assigns a value to a shell string substitution variable. The define command takes two arguments. The first is the digit or letter of the variable to be defined. The second is a double quote delimited string being the string value to be assigned to the variable. If you want to include a double quote character within the string, you don't need to double it.

Syntax  :
   define = "define" s letter s """" text """"
   define 3 "/usr/usrs/thisuser/workdir/fwdir/testdir"
   define M "/user/local/rubbish/bin/fw"
   define Q "You don't need to double" double quotes"

The command interpreter expands the command line before it executes the define command. This means that you can define string substitution variables in terms of each other with static binding.

The define command was introduced to allow the parameterization of the directories involved in regression testing.

See the section on string substitution for more details.

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