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FunnelWeb Reference Manual

9.19 Skipto

The skipto command causes the shell to ignore all subsequent commands until a here command is encountered.

Syntax  : skipto = "skipto"
Examples: skipto

The skipto/here mechanism was created to allow groups of regression tests to be skipped during debugging without having to comment them out. It is like a cut price goto. For example, supposing that there were eight tests and that you had debugged the first five. You might want to skip the first five tests so that you can concentrate on the next three. The following code shows how this can be done.

execute test infile1
execute test infile2
execute test infile3
execute test infile4
execute test infile5
execute test infile6
execute test infile7
execute test infile8

It should be stressed that FunnelWeb performs full command line processing including the dollar substitutions before testing the line to see if it is here. This can lead to non-obvious problems. For example.

! Test the Parser
! ---------------
define X "execute parsertest.fws"
$X infile1
$X infile2
$X infile3
$X infile4
$X infile5

The above looks correct, but, because the define command isn't executed (and $X is not defined) the subsequent $X lines result in a leading blanks error. The problem can be corrected by defining $X before the skipto command.

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