1 Introduction
2 Interface
3 Scanner
4 Parser
5 Analyser
6 Tangle
7 Weave
8 Shell
9 Commands
10 Glossary
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FunnelWeb Reference Manual

1.2 Terminology

A specific terminology has arisen for dealing with FunnelWeb. Some particularly useful examples are:

Journal file: An output file containing a copy of the output sent to the user's console during an invocation of FunnelWeb. In other systems, this file is sometimes called a "log file".

Product file: An output file, generated by the Tangle component of FunnelWeb, that contains the expansion of the macros in the input file. (Other names considered for this were: generated file, expanded file, result file, program file, and tangle file.)

A complete list of all the special FunnelWeb terminology appears in the glossary. Be sure to refer to it if any of the terms used are unclear.

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