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FunnelWeb Reference Manual

3.8 Inserting End of Line Markers

An end of line marker/character can be inserted into the text using the @+ sequence. This is exactly equivalent to a real end of line in the text at the point where it occurs. While this feature may sound rather useless, it is very useful for laying out the input file. For example, the following input data for a database program

Animal = Kangaroo
Size   = Medium
Speed  = Fast

Animal = Sloth
Size   = Medium
Speed  = Slow

Animal = Walrus
Size   = Big
Speed  = Medium

can be converted into

Animal = Kangaroo @+Size = Medium @+Speed = Fast   @+
Animal = Sloth    @+Size = Medium @+Speed = Slow   @+
Animal = Walrus   @+Size = Big    @+Speed = Medium @+

which is easier to read, and more easily allows comparisons between records.

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