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FunnelWeb Reference Manual

3.14 Pragma: Maximum Output File Line Length

As well as keeping an eye on input line lengths, FunnelWeb also keeps an eye on the line lengths of product files and flags all lines longer than a certain limit with error messages. Unlike the maximum input line length, which can vary dynamically throughout the input file, the maximum product file line length remains fixed throughout the generation of all the product files. The maximum product file line length pragma allows this value to be set. If there is more than one such pragma in an input file, the pragmas must all specify the same value.

pragma_moll = ps "maximum_output_line_length"
              s "=" s numorinf

The default value is 80 characters.

This pragma is only one of two constraints on the length of the lines of the product files. The +W command line option also contributes. The actual value that FunnelWeb uses is the minimum of the limits specified in the command line and pragmas.

FunnelWeb does not monitor the length of the lines of its other output files (journal file, listing file, documentation file).

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