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FunnelWeb Reference Manual

3.16 Freestanding Typesetter Directives

FunnelWeb provides two kinds of typesetter directive to assist the user to produce documentation. These are inline and freestanding. Unlike pragmas, each of these categories of directive participates in the parser-level syntax and can appear only in certain contexts (see the parser section). Inline directives are designed to be used within paragraphs to alter the look of the enclosed text. Freestanding typesetter directives are designed to appear on lines of their own and have a bigger typographical impact.

The syntax of freestanding typesetter directives is almost identical to that of pragmas. All the same syntax rules apply (except that the actual keywords are different). The following subsections describe the four typesetter directives available.

ftd = ftd_newpage | ftd_toc | ftd_vskip | ftd_title
ts  = "@t "

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