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Brainspace: Genetic Engineering

Audio Button AIFF 11.1kHz 8-bit mono 3:1 compressed sound (120K, 32 seconds).

Context: Tim and Debbie are discussing the social implications of genetic engineering.

Debbie : But like, um, what is really crucial, I think,
         is that there will be a whole new range of ethnic
         communities. Right, no longer will it be Yugoslavs
         versus Croates, right, but like, um, Frigidaires
         versus Kelvinators. Um culminating in the ultimate
         racist taunt, "Guess who's mum was a Whirlpool?".
Tim    : Heavy.
Debbie : Excellent supportive.

Note: Fridgidaire and Kelvinator are popular brands of refrigerators in Australia. "Guess Who's Mum's Got A Whirlpool" is a well-known advertising slogan in Australia that was used to advertise Whirlpool washing machines. In the advertisements someone would point to someone else who is wearing particularly clean clothes and say "Guess Who's Mum's Got A Whirlpool?"

Reference: Brainspace Volume II, Side 2, Track "Genetic Engineering".

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