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Brainspace: Barry's Wilderness Workshops

Audio Button AIFF 11.1kHz 8-bit mono 3:1 compressed sound (126K, 34 seconds).
Tim    : Like, we know this amazing guy Barry, who's an
         excellent guy, which we've referred at, and, um,
         like Barry runs these whole Earth bush workshops,
         right. What he does...
Debbie : Wilderness workshops.
Tim    : Right, wilderness workshops. He gets a group of
         really, like, aware sort of committed people who
         want to find themselves, and he drives them out
         into the middle of the wilderness ... he just
         leaves them there you know, and it's really, and,
         and he only charges two hundred dollars, you know.
         It's really excellent, you know.
Reference: Brainspace Volume II, Side 2, Track "Bush". [--------------------------------------------------------------------]
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