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Brainspace: The Dole House

Audio Button AIFF 11.1kHz 8-bit mono 3:1 compressed sound (126K, 34 seconds).

Context: Tim and Debbie are discussing their friend Barry's latest shonky scheme: apparently a drop-in centre for unemployed youth, called "The Dole House".

Debbie : Just the "Dole House".
Tim    : Right.
Debbie : Like, it's amazing.
Tim    : Right, and, right, excellent.
Debbie : And all this; like I went down there the
         other day, right.
Tim    : Wow.
Debbie : You just pay $200, and you can be, you know,
         part of the dole house.
Tim    : Right.
Debbie : Um, and there was this girl. She had made
         this really incredible, um, hand cut, hand worked,
         hand tooled, hand painted, hand bound,
         incredible doll-form holder cover.
Tim    : Excellent.
Reference: Brainspace Volume II, Side 2, Track "Unemployment". [--------------------------------------------------------------------]
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