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Brainspace: Are The Haves Really Happy?

Audio Button AIFF 11.1kHz 8-bit mono 3:1 compressed sound (168K, 46 seconds).
Debbie : Like, what you should do, Tim, right, is
         regard your dole check as not merely a
         fiscal fistful...
Tim    : I know.
Debbie : ...but as a ticket to spiritual awareness.
Tim    : I do. I do. ... I do. I do.
Debbie : Like, right, all those so-called haves, right:
         like I feel really sorry for them. Like, with
         their Mercs and their Rolls and their Porsches,
         right, their swimming pools, their jacuzies, right,
         um, their yachts, their Christian Diors and their
         Christian Barnards, right, I mean are they really
         happy, right; I mean, that's it: are they really
Tim    : Well they look pretty happy to me Debbie. I mean...

Note: The above is the canonical Tim and Debbie quote!
See also the video quote of a different version of this sketch.

Reference: Brainspace Volume II, Side 2, Track "Tax".

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