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FunnelWeb Tutorial Manual

5.9 Setting Up Default Options

If you do not like FunnelWeb's default settings for its command line options, there are a number of ways in which you can change them.

Define an "alias": Use your operating system "alias" facility to create an alias for FunnelWeb containing the desired options. FunnelWeb processes options from left to right, so you can override these defaults later if you wish.

Create a script called "fwinit.fws": When FunnelWeb starts up, it executes a script called "fwinit.fws" if such a script exists in the current directory. You can use this fact to set options before the run of FunnelWeb proper by creating such a script and placing a single "set" command in it containing the desired options. The main trouble with this approach is that the options in the set command will be processed after  the command line options, which means that you won't be able to override them on the command line.

For example, you might be involved more with presenting programs than with running them, and want FunnelWeb to generate a documentation file by default, but not to produce listing or product files by default. In Unix you could do this with:

alias fw fw -L -O +T

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