1 Introduction
2 Macros
3 Typesetting
4 Example
5 Hints
6 Examples
7 Webmaking

FunnelWeb Tutorial Manual

7 Making Webs With FunnelWeb

FunnelWeb was designed for the purposes of literate programming and was first created in 1986, long before the internet's World Wide Web appeared. So it came as a pleasant surprise to discover that FunnelWeb is an excellent tool for the preparation of websites! All the FunnelWeb webs, including the web you are reading right now, were created using FunnelWeb itself. This chapter explains how you can use FunnelWeb to make websites.

7.1 Introduction
7.2 Getting Started
7.3 Replacing Messy HTML Constructs
7.4 Avoiding Errors And Inconsistencies
7.5 Defining A Consistent Style
7.6 Defining Macro Libraries
7.7 Parameterizing Entire Webs
7.8 Hints And Conventions

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