1 Introduction
2 Macros
3 Typesetting
4 Example
5 Hints
6 Examples
7 Webmaking

FunnelWeb Tutorial Manual

5 FunnelWeb Hints

This section contains a grab bag of hints about how FunnelWeb can be used. This chapter probably should not be read until you have commenced using FunnelWeb, or at the very least, tried out some of the examples in earlier chapters. Those who find themselves using FunnelWeb frequently should read this chapter at some stage so as to ensure that they are getting the most out of it.

Most of the examples in this chapter have been placed in the FunnelWeb regression test suite. The files to examine are hi01.fw through hi10.fw.

5.1 Macro Names
5.2 Quick Names
5.3 FunnelWeb the Martinet
5.4 Fiddling With End of Lines
5.5 Fudging Conditionals
5.6 Changing the Strength of Headings
5.7 Efficiency Notes
5.8 Interactive Mode
5.9 Setting Up Default Options
5.10 FunnelWeb and Make
5.11 The Dangers Of FunnelWeb
5.12 Wholistic Debugging
5.13 TABs
5.14 HTML Style
5.15 A FunnelWeb Mode For Emacs

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