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7.7 Parameterizing Entire Webs

The previous section has shown how individual macros within included files can be redefined to modify the details of a web. A more radical approach to web parameterization is to swap in entire include files!

Include Files As Parameter Sets

Suppose that we have a web that we are providing to three different web customers, where each web customer wants the web customized for their business. One way to approach this situation is to embody all the elements of the web that must be changed into macros located in an include file. Then define a different include file for each customer. So the include file for one customer could be:

@! Include file for MegaCorp
@$@<Home page title@>@{Welcome To MegaCorp@}
@$@<Background colour@>@{#FFFFFF@}

whereas the include file for a different customer might be:

@! Include file for MicroCorp
@$@<Home page title@>@{MicroCorp Home Page@}
@$@<Background colour@>@{#000000@}

In this way you can parameterize the style of an entire web, and generate different versions for different situations.

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