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FunnelWeb Tutorial Manual

1.3 The Name FunnelWeb

The name "FunnelWeb" was chosen because it contains the name "WEB", which is the name of Knuth's system. It was also chosen because it has a distinctly Australian flavour.

Funnel-web spiders are found in Northern and Eastern Australia. They are about three to four centimetres long and are very poisonous. The Sydney Funnel-web spider (Atrax robustus ), common in Sydney, has caused the most trouble and has been responsible for several deaths. Funnel-web spiders love to crawl into temporarily discarded shoes where they later react in a hostile manner to an unsuspecting foot. They are known to hang on once they sink their fangs in. Funnel-web spiders derive their name from the shape of their webs which are horizontally-aligned narrowing tubes, open at one end[ANZE].

The Funnel-web spider, like the tiger snake and the white pointer shark, is secretly regarded by Australians as a kind of national treasure.

F is for Funnel-web
Our furry-legged foe.
He sleeps in your slipper
And breakfasts on toe.
--- One verse from A Megastar's Mantras: Things that Mean a Lot to Me ,
       by Dame Edna Everage[Humphries91].

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