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FunnelWeb Tutorial Manual

1.4 Using These Tutorials

Much of the rest of this manual consists of introductory tutorials on FunnelWeb. Ideally you should have a working version of FunnelWeb in front of you so that you can try out the examples yourself. There is no need to try all the examples, so long as you type in enough to feel comfortable with what you are reading.

For best effect, you should create a new, temporary, empty directory in which to experiment with FunnelWeb. That way, it will be more obvious when FunnelWeb creates an output file. You can either type in the examples in this chapter directly, or copy and paste them directly from this manual or the FunnelWeb test suite. The test files called ex01.fw through ex16.fw and hi01.fw through hi10.fw contain the examples in the manual.

If you do not yet have an installed copy of FunnelWeb, refer to the main FunnelWeb web for full details on how to obtain and install a copy of FunnelWeb. If you are not sure if you have an installed copy, try invoking FunnelWeb by giving the command "fw". If this yields an error such as "command not found" then you do not have a properly installed version of FunnelWeb.

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