*Welcome to the FunnelWeb Home Page. FunnelWeb is a powerful literate-programming macro preprocessor that enables you to weave programs and documentation together. FunnelWeb is a production quality tool that was specifically engineered for practical everyday use:

*Can be used with any programming language.
*Runs on most platforms (including GNU/Linux).
*Free of charge; entirely non-commercial.
*Source available under a GNU licence.
*Reference, tutorial, and developer manuals.
*Mature and essentially bug-free (released 1992).
*Simple; specifically designed to minimize errors.
*High speed; doesn't stretch the development cycle.
*Used to create the Veracity data integrity product.
*Generates documentation in HTML and TeX forms.
*FunnelWeb user community mailing list.

*But FunnelWeb is also a powerful general purpose text file preparation tool that has found many applications outside the area of literate programming. For example, FunnelWeb was used to create the web you are reading. Check out the User Testimonials.

*If you are looking for a solid literate-programming tool, or if you are curious about how FunnelWeb's macro capabilities can help you in your everyday computing, I hope that you will take the time to try out FunnelWeb.

Ross Williams
Author of FunnelWeb
Adelaide, May 1999.

PS: If you found this page because you were looking for the Funnelweb web traffic analysis tool, you should visit the Active Concepts web instead.

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