FunnelWeb User Testimonials

Praise for FunnelWeb:



"I've been fooling around with FunnelWeb for about three days now, and I'm convinced that this is one of the most powerful tools I have encountered in almost two decades of programming. I'm in the process of converting several thousand lines of very repetitive code to FunnelWeb macros; I can't believe how EASY it is, and how GOOD the resulting source code and documentation are. Thank you for this tool!"
Jerry Callen (
Runtime Engineer,
Thinking Machines Corporation,
Boston, USA.
22-Jun-1992 (Authorized to be quoted 16-Oct-1992).


"I really like the 'quality' of the FW distribution. Well done Ross! I cannot call it 'professional quality' because much of the 'professional' software I have seen has been VERY POOR. Your package is better than 'professional', but I don't know of an appropriate adjective."
George Vokalek (
Hardware Engineer,
University of Adelaide,
South Australia, Australia.
14-Jun-1992 (Authorized to be quoted 18-Oct-1992).


"I have used FunnelWeb on two ASSEMBLER modules. Written for a microcontroller with NO DEBUGGING POSSIBLE, so correctness and emphasis on getting it right was important.

I found it forced me to reorganise the code a bit, to get my concepts straight. By the time I did this, and documented what I was doing, [including a C version of an algorithm in one module] It looked good, and worked in a few passes.

I am VERY happy with the results. ...

And, I got a very nice listing to present the customer!!"
John Skaller (
Maxtal Pty Ltd,
Sydney, Australia.
09-Jul-1992 (Authorized to be quoted 17-Oct-1992).

User Manual

"...the manual is about 10 times better than any other user manual I've ever read."
Barry Dwyer (
Senior Lecturer, Department of Computer Science,
The University of Adelaide.
17-Jun-1992 (Authorized to be quoted 21-Oct-1992).


"I've done the regression testing, and it worked without a hitch. You've done a nice job making the sucker portable. My system is a mono NeXTstation running NeXTSTEP 2.1 with 16 MB of RAM."
John Dawson (
Software Developer,
Arissoft Development Corporation,
Texas, USA.
11-Jun-1992. (Authorized to be quoted 17-Oct-1992).


"I use FunnelWeb for everything from my FutureBASIC programming to maintaining my web pages. It is a cool tool, and one of the few literate programming environments that are (1) language-independent and (2) available on the Mac. I couldn't be more pleased with it."
Ron Hale-Evans (
Lexington, Kentucky, USA.
20-Oct-1996. (Authorized to be quoted 20-Oct-1996).


"Let me say that FunnelWeb is the most impressive literate programming tool I have yet seen. The language is powerful, the tutorial manual excellent, and I really love the new weave facility to output both TeX and HTML (both of which are very visually appealing -- a rare feat these days)."
Paul Wanis (
Electrical Engineer,
San Diego, CA USA.
04-Jun-1999. (Authorized to be quoted 30-Dec-1999).


"Great program. It has allowed me to make maintainable some previously unmaintainable code."
Corin Lakeland (
Postgraduate Student,
Otago University, New Zealand.
10-Jul-2001 (Authorized to be quoted 10-Jul-2001).

Convinced that FunnelWeb is worth checking out?

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