FunnelWeb Links

FunnelWeb Variants

*Tony Coates has created a FunnelWeb variant called FunnelWeb V3.05AC (a variant of FunnelWeb V3.0 - an earlier version) that provides some extra useful features. As this is an unofficial version, it's features are not guaranteed to appear in future official versions of FunnelWeb.


comp.programming.literate - This is the newsgroup for Literate Programming. It carried quite a bit of traffic in the early 1990s, but (as at 1999) traffic appears to be very low.

comp.doc A newsgroup about documentation. Again, a very low traffic group.

Literate Programming Links

The Literate Programming FAQ - I think this was the FAQ that was used in comp.programming.literate. This FAQ contains what appears to be a comprehensive list of literate programming tools.

A Bibliography of Literate Programming - A searchable bibliography. - Anyone who's bothered to register a domain called this deserves a link!

The Literate Programming WebRing - A collection of literate programming webs organized into a ring.

The Yahoo Literate Programming Page.

XML and Literate Programming

Other Literate Programming Tools

NoWeb Home Page - A minimalist literate programming tool.

The LEO Outlining Literate Programming Tool For Macintosh - Sounds interesting (but I haven't looked at it yet).

There are lots of other tools out there too.

Literate Programming People

Donald Knuth - The inventor of literate programming.

Ross Williams - The creator of FunnelWeb.

Tony Coates - Creator of a variant of FunnelWeb (see above).

The page contains a comprehensive-looking list of people involved with literate programming.

Books And Papers

Knuth D.E., "The WEB System of Structured Documentation", (Web User Manual, Version 2.5, November, 1983), Stanford University, 1983.

Knuth D.E., "The TeXbook", Addison-Wesley, (ISBN: 0-201-13448-9), 1984.

Knuth D.E., "Literate Programming", The Computer Journal , Vol. 27, No. 2, pp. 97-111, 1984. (Reference copied from SIGPLAN 26(1) p.16). Note: The author of this manual has not yet obtained this paper.

Knuth D.E., Literate Programming, CSLI, 1992, ISBN: 0-9370-7380-6.

Smith L.M.C., "An Annotated Bibliography of Literate Programming", ACM SIGPLAN Notices, Vol. 26, No. 1, January 1991.

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