Overview Of FunnelWeb

*FunnelWeb is a essentially a macro preprocessor. It reads in an input file containing a list of macros and generates one or more output files that are defined in terms of the macros. In between the macro definitions, you can add explanatory text, enabling the entire document to be typeset as code documentation. For this reason, FunnelWeb is best described as a "Literate Programming Macro Preprocessor".

FunnelWeb has the following features:

  • A simple macro preprocessor facility.
  • Generates documentation in TeX and HTML formats.
  • Runs on a variety of platforms.
  • Portable C source code available under GNU licence.
  • Comprehensive documentation.
  • Input-programming-language independent.
  • Allows complete control over the output text.

FunnelWeb can be used in a variety of roles, but in particular is useful for:

  • Writing complicated computer programs.
  • Preparing related collection of text files.
  • Preparing text files in a cryptic language.

*In particular, these properties make FunnelWeb perfect for generating webs. In fact, this FunnelWeb web was generated using FunnelWeb. For more information, see the chapter on this topic in the FunnelWeb Tutorial Manual.

FunnelWeb is in use all around the world in a wide variety of roles. To see some comments that FunnelWeb users have made about FunnelWeb, see the FunnelWeb Testimonials page.

To get started with FunnelWeb, visit the FunnelWeb Installation page. If you're worried about the stability and availabity of FunnelWeb, visit the Stability Page.

There is a FAQ page too.

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