Frequently Asked Questions

What Is FunnelWeb?

FunnelWeb is a essentially a macro preprocessor. It reads in an input file containing a list of macros and generates one or more output files that are defined in terms of the macros. In between the macro definitions, you can add explanatory text, enabling the entire document to be typeset as documentation for the code. For this reason, FunnelWeb is best describes as a "Literate Programming Macro Preprocessor".

How Much Does FunnelWeb Cost?

FunnelWeb is free and distributed under a GNU licence. You can download executables for a wide range of platforms, or compile FunnelWeb yourself.

I Was Expecting A Web Log Analysis Tool!

In about 1997, the Australian company Active Concepts named its webserver logfile analysis tool "Funnel Web". If you were looking for that tool, visit the Active Concepts web site. From what I have heard, their FunnelWeb is an excellent webserver logfile analysis tool.

Note: The FunnelWeb of the site you are reading was named in 1986, long before the world wide web even existed.

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