Installing FunnelWeb

FunnelWeb is available free of charge for a wide range of platforms. Just follow these steps.

1. Download A FunnelWeb Executable

Download a FunnelWeb executable now for any or all of the following platforms:

FunnelWeb V3.2 for Macintosh-68K (147K)
FunnelWeb V3.2 for Windows 95/NT (126K)
FunnelWeb V3.2 for MS-DOS (189K)
FunnelWeb V3.2 for BSD/OS (168K)
FunnelWeb V3.2 for Digital Unix (161K)
FunnelWeb V3.2 for FreeBSD (119K)
FunnelWeb V3.2 for IRIX (168K)
FunnelWeb V3.2 for Red Hat Linux (119K)
FunnelWeb V3.2 for Solaris (133K)
FunnelWeb V3.2 for AIX (166K)
FunnelWeb V3.2 for Darwin (256K)

Note: Darwin is the Unix at the heart of Mac OS X.

FunnelWeb is provided under an open source GNU licence, so if your platform is not listed above, you are welcome to download the C source code and compile it on whatever platform you have. You can find instructions on how to compile FunnelWeb in the FunnelWeb Developer Manual.

FunnelWeb Source Code (Macintosh .hqx ~0.7M)
FunnelWeb Source Code (Wintel .zip ~0.6M)
FunnelWeb Source Code (Unix .tar.Z ~0.7M)
FunnelWeb Source Code (Unix .tar.gz ~0.3M)

2. Download The FunnelWeb Manuals

The documentation for FunnelWeb consists of this main FunnelWeb web and three manuals, also in web form, which are online. You can browse them in a new browser window by clicking below:

FunnelWeb Main Web
FunnelWeb Tutorial Manual
FunnelWeb Reference Manual
FunnelWeb Developer Manual

An alternative is to download all the manuals as an archive file and install them on your disk so that you can access them quickly, without going through the internet.

FunnelWeb Manuals (Macintosh .hqx ~1.2M)
FunnelWeb Manuals (Wintel .zip ~0.8M)
FunnelWeb Manuals (Unix .tar.Z ~0.8M)
FunnelWeb Manuals (Unix .tar.gz ~0.5M)

3. Work Through The Tutorial

To get started with FunnelWeb, work through the tutorial at the start of the

FunnelWeb Tutorial Manual

Once you've done that, you should try using FunnelWeb on a small project to get used to it. Then, once you're comfortable with FunnelWeb, try using it on a production project.

If you want to see a real-world example, there is a complete package written using FunnelWeb at:

The package provides Ada-like exceptions for the C programming language. Among other things, the package demonstrates how FunnelWeb can be used to assist in the documentation of tricky code.

4. Subscribe To The FunnelWeb Mailing List

*If you like FunnelWeb, you can join the FunnelWeb Mailing List. This is a low-traffic mailing list so if you're unsure, you should subscribe. If you're not on the mailing list, you won't hear about new versions or other happenings that might happen!

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