FunnelWeb Support

FunnelWeb Documentation

In addition to this main FunnelWeb web, three FunnelWeb Manuals are available online:

FunnelWeb Tutorial Manual
FunnelWeb Reference Manual
FunnelWeb Developer Manual

You can search this web and these manuals by keyword by visiting the search page of this web. These manuals can be downloaded too. See the FunnelWeb Manuals page for more information.

Mailing List

Your next point of call after the manuals should be the FunnelWeb Mailing List to which many FunnelWeb users have subscribed. Post a message describing the problem you've encountered and see if you get a reply.

Informal Support

You are welcome to email me questions about FunnelWeb, particularly about possible bugs. However, I can make absolutely no guarantees about how quickly I can respond to such questions as I receive a constant barrage of email in relation to the webs I have created. You are more likely to receive a response if you post a message to the mailing list. I'm on the mailing list anyway!

Formal Support

FunnelWeb is not commercial software and no formal support "product" is available. However, if for some reason, you require high quality responsive support, and are willing to pay for it, try emailing quoting the URL of this page and this paragraph, and perhaps they will be able to help.

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