FunnelWeb Manuals

FunnelWeb's documentation is organized into this main FunnelWeb web plus three subwebs.

To browse one of these webs in a new window, just click on its hyperlink.

*FunnelWeb Tutorial Manual: This manual contains an introductory tutorial to assist you in learning FunnelWeb. It also contains a description of some application and some general hints on using FunnelWeb.

*FunnelWeb Reference Manual: This manual contains a concise definition of the entire functionality of FunnelWeb. Refer to this manual when you have a specific question about FunnelWeb's features or if you want to find out about FunnelWeb's more obscure features.

*FunnelWeb Developer Manual: This manual is for those who want to obtain the FunnelWeb source code and compile their own version of FunnelWeb. This manual contains compilation instructions and a discussion of the licensing and language definition issues.

You can also FTP an archive file of the webs and install them on your local disk for high-speed offline browsing.

FunnelWeb Manuals (Macintosh .hqx ~1.2M)
FunnelWeb Manuals (Wintel .zip ~0.8M)
FunnelWeb Manuals (Unix .tar.Z ~0.8M)
FunnelWeb Manuals (Unix .tar.gz ~0.5M)

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